Welcome to Smallville to Metropolis, A home to various fiction archives related to the television show Smallville, as well as Superman in various media formats. While we have no plans to host archives for other superheroes, we're always open to suggestion if you want to get one up and running. Feel free to contact us at svtometropolis [at] gmail [dot] com.


Monday, 02/09/15 - While the Chlark forum is long since gone, we have managed to save and re-upload the Truth and Justice Website.

Monday, 04/28/08 - I've changed the layout! Let me know if there are any bugs. I've also added a page for the layouts, both past and current.

Monday, 04/28/08 - I've changed our e-mail address. And, soon, I'll be changing the layout.

Tuesday, 04/08/08 - And I've finally added link for Truth and Justice in the site section. I've also added the Two of Us Chlark Forum to the site list.

Thursday, 09/13/07 - Finally put up a link to Our Destiny. I'm working on another e-fiction site. As always, feel free to shoot any ideas my way.